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14 10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

21 10:30am New Life Church/Clovis, NM

28 10:30am First Assembly of God/Beggs, OK


4 10:30am First Assembly of God/Dumas, TX

11 10:30am Redemption Worship Ctr./Gilmer, TX

11 6:00pm Redemption Worship Ctr./Gilmer, TX (Valentines)


10 10:30am Gateway Church/ Welch, OK

17 10:30am First Assembly/Linden, TX



1 7:00pm Clayton Assembly/Clayton, NM

5 10:30an New Destiny Church/Thornton, CO

12 10:30am Family Life Assembly/Choctaw, OK

26 10:30am The Baldwin Church/Baldwin, LA


2 5:30pm First Assembly/Bixby, OK


7 10:30am Living Waters/Ratliff City, OK

14 10:30am First Assembly/Tyler, TX



1 10:30am Crowley First Assembly/Crowley, TX

15-18 DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

22 10:30am First Assembly/Lavon, TX






2 10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

9 10:30am First Assembly/El Reno, OK

15 10:00am First Assembly/Lavon, TX Senior Adult Banquet

16 10:30am First Assembly/Lavon, TX


30 10:30am First Assembly/Beggs, OK


6 10:30am Connect Church/Mesquite, TX

13 10:30am First Assembly/Dumas, TX

20 10:30am First Assembly/Cushing, OK

26 6:00pm Encounter Church/Great Bend, KS Leadership Banquet

27 10:30am Encounter Church/Great Bend, KS


6 10:30am Christ Chapel, Platte City, KS

13 10:30am Gateway Church/Welch, OK

20 10:30am First Assembly/Jacksonville, TX

27 10:30am Victory Church/Allen, TX


3 10:30am Glad Tidings/Altus, OK

17 10:45am First Assembly/Cleveland, OK

24 10:30am Gracepointe/Winfield, KS


1 10:30am Trinity Temple/Artesia, NM

4 7:00pm Apostolic Faith Bible School/Baxter Springs, MO

8 10:30am Gloryland Church/Waco, TX

15 10:30am Barling Assembly/Barling, AR

22 10:30am Grace-Life/Andersen, MO

29 10:30am  Cityview Church/Mineral Wells, TX


5 10:30am Lighthouse Assembly /Ballard, TX

12 10:30am Family Life/Choctaw, OK

19 10:30am Crosspointe/Ottawa, KS

26 10:30am Ponca City Assembly/Ponca City, OK


3 10:30am New Life Assembly/Clovis, NM

3 8:00pm Private Party/Newcastle, OK

10 10:45am First Assembly/Okmulgee, OK

14 6:30pm Balcony Women Widows Banquet/Asbury U.M. Tulsa, OK

17 10:00am Living Word/Pruitt City, OK

24 8:30am Eastland Assembly/Tulsa, OK



4 10:30am First Assembly/Tecumseh, OK

18 10:30am College Heights/Bryan, TX

18-21 DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

23 7:00pm Moving Forward Banquet With Rick Dubose/ San Antonio, TX

25 10:30  Fountain of Life/Port Lavaca, TX

25 6:00pm Family Worship Ctr./Victoria, TX


22 7:00pm Precious Moments Convention/Carthage, MO

25 Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX


4 7:00pm Vision/Tulsa, OK

6 10:30am Faith Center/Graham, TX


4  10:30am Calvary Assembly/Jefferson City, MO

5 7:00pm Sectional Banquet/Jefferson City, MO

9 7:00pm John 3:16 Leadership Banquet/Tulsa, OK



3  10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

10  10:30am  Hilltop Assembly of God/Boyd, TX(Cancelled/Covid)

17  10:00am 

24  10:30am Connection Church/Davenport, OK


7  10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

21  10:30am First Assembly of God, Dumas, TX

28  10:30am First Assembly of God, El Reno, OK


14 10:30am Gateway Church, Welch, OK

21 10:30am First Assembly of God, Jacksonville, TX


18  6:00pm Family Worship Center, Victoria, TX

25  10:30am Lighthouse Church, Bullard, TX


9  10:30am Community Chapel, Somerville, TX

16  10:30am Calvary Assembly of God, Jefferson City, MO


6  10:30am Clovis New Life Church, Clovis, NM

6  6:00pm First Assembly of God, Lubbock, TX

13  10:30am Skiatook First Assembly, Skiatook, OK

20  10:00am GracePointe/Winfield, KS

27  10:30am Living Word Tabernacle, Ratliff City, OK


2 6:00pm Rose Heights Church of God/Tyler, TX

4  10:30am Noble Assembly of God, Noble, OK

11  10:30am Ponca City First Assembly, Ponca City, OK

18 10:30am Fairview Assembly of God/Amarillo, TX

25 10:30am Tecumseh First Assembly, Tecumseh, OK


1 10:30am Crossing Place/Granbury, TX

8  10:30am Okmulgee First Assembly, Okmulgee, OK

15 10:30am Grace-Life Church/Andersen, MO

22 10:30am Crosspointe Church/Ottawa, KS


8 6:30pm Clayton Assembly of God/Clayton, NM

12  10:30am New Destiny Christian Center, Thornton, CO

19  10:30am First Assembly, Bixby, OK

20-23 DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

26 10:30am College Heights/Bryan, TX


3  10:30am Faith Center, Graham, TX

10  10:30am  Family Life Assembly of God, Choctaw, OK

17 10:30 Hilltop Church/DeSoto, TX

24 10:30am Garnett Assembly/Tulsa, OK

31 9:00 & 10:30am First Assembly/Enid, OK


7 10:30 Freedom Church/Piedmont, OK

14 10:30am Crowley Assembly/Crowley, TX

21 10:30am Owasso First Assembly/Owasso, OK

28 10:30am First Assembly/Stroud, OK


5 10:30am Faith Chapel/Overland Park, KS

5 6:00pm Glorious Bible Church/Wichita, KS

10 6:30pm John 3:16 Mission Staff Christmas Party/Tulsa, OK

17 2:30pm Signature Point Retirement Ctr./Dallas, TX

19 10:30am Connect Community Church/Pasadena, TX

19 6:00pm Family Worship Center/Victory, TX

24 6:00pm Life Changer Church/Claremore, OK

26 10:30 Grace-First Assembly/Fredonia, KS



5 10:30am Faith Chapel/Overland Park, KS

12 10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

26 10:30am El Reno Assembly/El Reno, OK


2 10:30am  Connect Community Church/Mesquite, TX

9 10:30am First Assembly/Jefferson City, MO

16 10:30am Fairfax Assembly/Fairfax, OK

23 10:30am First Assembly/Skiatook, OK


1 10:30am First Assembly/Jacksonville, TX

15 10:30am Gateway Church/Welch, OK

22 10:30am Garnett Assembly/Tulsa, OK (Rescheduled)

29 10:30am  Crosspointe Church/Ottawa, KS  (Rescheduled)


5 10:30am  Connect Community/Pasadena, TX  (Postponed)

12 10:30am  Cross Connection Church/Dodge City, KS  (Postponed)

19 10:30am Garnett Assembly/Tulsa, OK (Rescheduled)

26 10:30am Crossing Place/Granbury, TX (Rescheduled)


3 10:30am  Crosspointe Church/Ottawa, KS

10 10:30am Merritt Assembly/Merritt Beach, FL (Postponed Covid)

17 10:30am Living Waters/Green Cove Springs, FL (Postponed Covid)

17 4:00pm Destiny Church/Jacksonville, FL (Postponed Covid)

24 10:30am Grace-Life Church/Andersen, MO

31 10:30am First Assembly/Bixby, OK (Postponed)


7 10:30am  Living Word Church/Ratliff City, OK (Postponed Covid)

21 10:30am Okmulgee First Assembly/Okmulgee, OK

28 10:30am Crossing Place/Granbury, TX


12 10:30am Fairview Assembly/Amarillo, TX (Postponed Covid)

12 6:00pm First Assembly/Lubbock, TX (Postponed Covid)

19 10:30am Garnett Assembly/Tulsa, OK


2 10:30am  Living Word Church/Ratliff City, OK

9 10:30am Family Life Center/Choctaw, OK

16 10:30am Barling Assembly/Barling, AR

22 5:00pm Lifepoint Church/Jena, LA/Workers Banquet

23 10:30am Lifepoint Church/Jena, LA

30 10:30am  Cross Connection Church/Dodge City, KS


6 10:30 Christ's Legacy/OKC

20 10:30am College Heights/Bryan, TX

20-23 DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

27 10:30 am Connection Church/Davenport, OK (Postponed Covid)


4 10:30am First Free Will Baptist Church/Carthage, TX

11 10:30 Stroud First Assembly/Stroud, OK

17-18 First Assembly of God/Enid, OK


1 10:30am First Assembly/Cushing, OK

8 10:30am Ponca City Assembly/Ponca City, OK

15 10:30am Beggs First Assembly/Beggs, OK

22 10:30 New Life Church/Clovis, NM (Cancelled/Covid)

29 10:30am Faith Center/Graham, TX


5 1:00pm PCOG Ministers Banquet/San Marcus, TX(Cancelled/Covid)

6 10:30am Gloryland Church/Waco, TX

13  10:30am Osage Beach Assembly/Osage Beach, MO

20 10:30am Tuxedo Assembly/Bartlesville, OK

27 10:30am Generations Church/Guthrie, OK (Cancelled/Covid)



6 10:30am Connect Point/Mesquite, TX

13 10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

20 10:30 First Assembly/Skiatook, OK

27 10:30 First Assembly/Meeker, OK *Postponed-Power Outage


8 7:00pm Generations Church/Guthrie, OK

10 10:30am First Assembly/Osage Beach, MO *Postponed-weather

17 10:30am  Crosspointe Church/Ottawa, KS *Postponed-weather

24 10:30am First Assembly/Osage Beach, MO


3 10:30am Barling Assembly/Barling, AR

10 10:30am  Crosspointe Church/Ottawa, KS

24 10:30am First Assembly/Meeker, OK

31 10:30am College Heights/Bryan, TX

31 6:00pm Family Worship Ctr/Victoria, TX


3 7:00pm Family Worship Car/Elgin, TX

7 10:30am The Baldwin Church/Baldwin, LA

14 5:00pm First Assembly/Bixby, OK

21 10:30am First Assembly/Jacksonville, TX

28 10:30am Cityview Church/Mineral Wells, TX


1 7:00pm  Glorious Bible Church/Wichita, KS

5 10:30am Generations Church/Guthrie, OK (postponed)

12 10:30am  First Assembly/Cushing, OK

26 10:30 First Assembly/Okmulgee, OK


2 10:30am Grace-Life Church/Andersen, MO

9 10:30am Gateway Church/Welch, OK

16 10:30am Grace Pointe/Winfield, KS 

23 10:30am Connection Church/Davenport, OK

26 11:00am Eastland Assembly/Tulsa, OK

30 10:30am Living Word Church/Ratliff City, OK


1 5:30p Rose Heights Church/Tyler, TX

7 10:30am Grace First Assembly/Fredonia, KS

14 10:30am First Assembly/Dumas, TX

14 6:00pm Fairview Assembly/Amarillo, TX

28 10:30am Frisco Church/Webb City, MO


4 10:30am First Assembly/Beggs, OK

11 10:30am Owasso First Assembly/Owasso, OK

18 10:30am  Community Life Church/Shawnee,KS

25 10:30am Family Life Assembly/Choctaw, OK



1 10:30am Faith Center/Graham, TX

8 8:30 &10:30am New Destiny Church/Thornton, CO

15-18 DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

22 10:30am First Assembly/Tecumseh, OK


27 10:30 am Freedom Church/Shawnee, OK


10 10:30am Faith Assembly/Carthage, TX

24 10:30am First Assembly/Stroud, OK


1 10:30am Harvest Church/Ft. Worth, TX

1 5:00pm Crowley Assembly/Crowley, TX

8 10:30am New Beginnings Church/Rockport, TX

8 6:00pm Family Worship Center/Victoria, TX

9 Private Event South Texas

15 10:30am New Life/Clovis, NM

15 6:00pm  Bethel Assembly/Clovis, NM

22 10:30am Ponca City Assembly/Ponca City, OK

29 10:30am Noble Assembly/Noble, OK

31 7:00pm Friends and Family Church/Amarillo, TX​



7 10:30am Church on the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

14 10:30am First Assembly/Jacksonville, TX

28 10:30am Meeker Assembly/Meeker, OK


2 6:00pm Capital Hill Assembly Seniors/OKC

4 10:30am Lifeline Assembly/Cushing, OK

9 7:00pm Liberty Worship Ctr./OKC

11 10:30am Cityview Church/Mineral Wells, TX

11 6:00pm Higher Heights Church/Longview, TX 

14 7:00pm Family Worship Center/Victoria, TX

18 10:30 Noble Assembly/Noble, OK

25 10:30am CrossPointe Church/Ottawa, KS



4 10:45am & 6:00 pm Freedom Church/Shawnee, OK

18 10:30 am College Heights/Bryan, TX

25 10:30am Freedom Church/Piedmont, OK


1 10:30am First Assembly/Tecumseh, OK

8 10:30am Owasso First Assembly/Owasso, OK

15 10:45am Freedom Church/Shawnee, OK

22 10:30am First Assembly/Dodge City, KS

29 8:30 & 10:30am Christ's Legacy Church/OKC


6 10:30am Connection Church/Davenport, OK

13 10:30am Grace Pointe/Winfield, KS

20 10:30am Lighthouse Assembly/Sweetwater, TX

27 10:30am First Assembly/Sheridan, AR


3 10:30am First Assembly/Levelland, TX

3 6:00pm First Assembly/Lubbock, TX

10 10:30am Life Community Church/Ada, OK

17 10:30am First Assembly/Stratford, TX

24 10:30am First Assembly/Dumas, TX

24 6:00pm Fairview Assembly of God/Amarillo, TX


1 10:30am Connect Assembly/Pasadena, TX

8 10:30am First Assembly/Cushing, OK

15 10:30am Living Word Tabernacle/Ratliff City, OK

22 10:30am Highland Meadows Church/Red Oak, TX

29 10:30am First Assembly/Fairfax, OK

29 10:30am First Assembly/Okmulgee, OK


5 10:30am Grace-Life Church/Andersen, MO

12 10:30am First Assembly/Beggs, OK

26 10:30am First Assembly/Granbury, TX


2 10:30am Faith Center/Graham, TX

9 10:30am Churches the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

16 10:30am  New Beginnings Church/Rockport, TX

16-19 DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

21 pm Marriage Seminar/First Assembly Lavon, TX

22 10:30am First Assembly/Lavon, TX

29 10:30am Community Life Church/Shawnee, KS


7 10:30am First Assembly/Stroud, OK

14 10:30 Pleasant Valley Assembly/Amarillo, TX

14 6:00pm New Life Church/Clovis, NM

21 10:30 Garnett Assembly/Tulsa, OK

28 10:30am First Assembly/Great bend, KS


4 am Church Garden Valley/Van, TX

18 10:30 am First Assembly/El Reno, OK

18 6:00pm Meeker Assembly/Meeker, OK

25 10:30am First Assembly/Dallas, TX


2 10:30am First Assembly/Ponca City, OK

2 6:00pm Praise Center Ministries/Sapulpa, OK

9 10:30am Life Church/Keller, TX

9 5:00 pm First Assembly/Crowley, TX

16 10:30am Faith Creek/Richland Hills, TX

16 6:00pm Life fellowship Church/Hurst, TX

24 6:00pm Life Changer Church/Claremore, OK




8a Gracepointe/Carthage, MO

15a Churchon the Rock/Dangerfield, TX

22a First Assembly/Begg's, OK

29a First Assembly/Lindale, TX


10p  The Praise Center/Seminole, OK Valentines Banquet

11p Freedom Assembly/Shawnee, OK Valentines Banquet

12a Freedom Assembly/Shawnee, OK

12p Lifeline Assembly/Cushing, OK Valentines Banquet

19a First Assembly/Ponca City, OK

26a First Assembly/Jacksonville, TX


4p First Assembly/Great Bend, KS Leadership Banquet

5a First Assembly/Great Bend, KS

12a College Heights/Bryan, TX

19a Community Chapel/Somerville, TX

19p Crowley Assembly/Crowley, TX

26a Barling Assembly/Barling, AR

26p Christ Church/Grove, OK


5 7pm Owasso First Assembly/Owasso, OK

9 10:30am Cross Pointe Church/Ottowa, KS

16 10:30am First Assembly/Stratford, TX

23 10:30am River of Life/Carthage, TX

30 10:30am The Father's House/Montegut/LA

30 6pm His House Tabernacle/Houma, LA


7 10:30am Living Waters Fellowship/Green Cove Springs, FL

7 2:00pm Destiny Church/Jacksonville, FL

14 10:30am Grace Life Church/Anderson, MO

21 10:30am Jefferson Assembly, Meriden, KS

28 10:30am First Assembly/Lavon, TX


4 10:30am Fairfax Assembly/Fairfax, OK

11 10:30am Living Waters Church/Lovington, NM

11 6:00pm Lighthouse Church/Sweetwater, TX

18 10:30am Second Assembly/Joplin, MO

25 10:30am First Assembly/Dumas, TX

25 6:00pm Fairview Assembly/Amarillo, TX


2 10:30am Frisco Church/Webb City, MO

9 10:30am First Assembly/El Reno, OK

16 10:30am First assembly/Osage beach, MO

23 10:30am First Assembly/Wagoner, OK

30 10:30am First Assembly/Eustace, TX

30 6:00pm First Assembly/Okmulgee, OK


6 10:30am Connection Pointe/Mesquite, TX

13 10:30am Highland Meadows/Red Oak, TX

20 10:30am Faith Creek Church/Richland Hills, TX

20 6:00pm Living Word/Ratliff City, OK

27 10:30 First Assembly of God/Jefferson City, MO

28 6:30 Business Appreciation Banquet/Jefferson, MO


3 10:30am Faith Center/Graham, TX

10 10:30am Owasso First Assembly/Owasso, OK

17 10:30am Connection Point/Troy, TX

17 7:30pm-20a DTI Conference/Elgin, TX

24 6:00pm Family Worship Ctr./Victoria, TX


8 10:30am The Church at Baldwin/Baldwin, LA

15 10:305am Grace First Assembly/Fredonia, KS

15 6:00pm First Assembly/Skiatook, OK

22 10:30am Garnett Assembly of God/ Tulsa, OK

29 10:30am First Assembly of God/Stroud, OK


5 10:30am Gateway Church/Welch, OK

12 6:00pm Baptist Church/Burden, KS

19 10:30am Tuxedo Assembly/Bartlesville, OK

26 10:30am First Assembly/Malvern, AR



1 7:00pm First Assembly of God/Tecumseh, OK

2 6:00pm Life Fellowship/Hurst, TX  Senior Adult Banquet

3 10:00am Life Fellowship/Hurst, TX

3 6:00pm First Assembly/Eustace, TX

5 7:00pm First Assembly of God/Miami, OK (Private Event)

10 10:30am  First Assembly of God/Ponca City, OK

11 7:00pm Stroud, OK/Private Event

13 7:00pm Family Worship Center/Elgin, TX

15 7:00pm Church Unlimited/Warren, AR

17 10:30am Grace Point/Carthage, MO

17 6:00pm First  Assembly/Miami, OK

24 10:30am Community Life/Shawnee, KS

31 10:30am Hope Family Worship Ctr/Sulfer Springs, TX


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